Liò srl
Established in 1989 by the entrepreneurial spirit of a nineteen year old from Treviso, (now read Belluno), Adriano Lio supported by his brothers.
Youth often rhymes with carefreeness, but in the mind of this young man there was already an idea, taking shape day after day. The shape of an artisan workshop for the production of eyewear, metal, plastic, copper and steel small parts and miscellaneous accessories, all set to undergo continuous transformation over the years.
Since far-off 1989
Business has expanded significantly, thanks to the boom of eyewear and related products, which has led to the flourishing of numerous craft businesses, often family-run. Few have been able to cope with the current crisis.
The creation of a unique, special, high quality and above all exclusively made in Italy product is by now Liò srl’s core business. In a jungle of offers, from leading brands to products without a history, what has now become crucial is finding one’s own niche thanks to eyewear created and designed “to measure”. Hence the production lines that characterize the Liò brand. “Making us noticed and being noticed” is the starting and at the same time finishing line for both the company and the customer.