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The added value of the certification “Handmade in Veneto-Italy” has its roots in our company’s workmanship. From the very beginning all the production cycle has been entirely realized inside our plant.



Everyone has a story to tell. It was a born creativity and a bit of madness that led the nineteen-years-old Adriano Lio, with the support of his brothers, to found the Company thirty years ago. It is not by chance that Liò was based in Veneto, in a region where the eyewear industry does not mean only tradition, but also excellence and innovation. Hence the wording “Made in Veneto-Italy” applied to Liò products acquires a strong meaning, because Liò is truly bound with its birthplace and core values, it draws its strength from its humble origins, from the eccentric Venetian style and from the stunning Dolomite mountains. This magic blend and the inspiration provided by the unrefined materials that Nature offers, generate unconventional collections of frames, where the creation of an idea is supported by real craftmanship.
Liò was born as an artisan laboratory for the processing and production of eyeglasses and different accessories. Over the years the business has undergone deep changings and the Company’s export activities have been increasing steadily. Besides the exclusive own brand products, Liò becomes your ideal partner for customized handcrafted products, guaranteeing cutting-edge technologies.

Corporate philosophy

“Go where your heart takes you”

Our emotions

Since the very beginning, creativity and passion led us to explore the art of beauty and originality. Our energy and engagement are evident in our commitment to work and passion for what we do.

Excellence and Uniqueness

The careful attention to the smallest detail is guarantee of quality, unique designis what makes the difference. Our dominant passion is the power of being original and the importance of our “iO” (which means “me”) that deserves a totally unique product.


Our products are the result of creative competence, advanced technical skills and passion for handcrafted realizations. We strongly believe that producing in the beating heart of our region is essential. Handmade in Veneto, which means that the production is entirely realized in our region, inside our plant, is for us of great importance, since we strongly believe that the value of an object is mainly given by all what stands behind.


Production process

The production process of both metal and cellulose acetate eyewear is internally handled in all its stages, thanks to a wide cutting-edge equipment and a highly skilled staff. Moreover, the company offers a complete service, fully developing a new product, from the ideas stage to the production, being therefore the ideal partner for high level handcrafted realizations.

our brands

Liò – Handmade in Veneto Italy

Our eyewear is passion, expressed in all colours of life. Assuring the highest quality standards and the biggest attention to the detail, we create with the finest craftmanship extremely light and comfortable, sober and technical, elegant, unique and glamorous eyewear.


“IO Unconventional” is our new concept of the eyewear. We believe in what makes us different from the others. “Dare to be unique”, this is our mood. Our mission is to be far away from the mainstream. We create extravagant and eccentric forms that underline our identity. We love originality, our eyeglasses are the result of fine craftmanship, a perfect combination of fashion and design, tradition and innovation, a must have for all those who love an unconventional and eclectic style, fully Made in Italy. Producing in Italy with Italian components means maintaining true Italian craftsmanship, which is universally recognized for quality, comfort, style and unique design. iO Unconventional is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.


This is our men’s eyeglasses collection, including timeless eyewear, suitable for a business serious style, for your everyday’s look or for a younger, cooler look with standout frames.


A beautiful woman collection, sophisticated eyewear with refined elegance, fashionable and seductive.


International Awards

Liò is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle, it’s a shared desire, it’s passion expressed in all the colours of life. Our creations of unconventional frames have been awarded with several International prizes.



Intervista ad Adriano Lio @ Caffè Novecento

Dicono di noi: Ottica Undicidecimi

Behind the scenes – Liò Factory backstage 2017

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